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Personal Stylist services


Are you looking to update or completely redo your wardrobe? Are you tired of standing in your closet and having "nothing to wear"? Do you want to feel confident and happy in your clothing every day?

Together, we can make you look good, feel good and create a fresh wardrobe that works for you!


initial consultation

During our initial consultation, we will discuss how to create your best possible wardrobe, tailored to your life and style. We will take stock of your current pieces, pick out what you love and figure out what works best for you. 

*Required for all new clients or clients purchasing a Wardrobe Touchup or Capsule Wardrobe Creation.

scout session (Minimum 1 Hr)

Have an idea of what you want? Know what works for you but you're just not sure of where to get it? Let me do the shopping for you. Let me do the daunting part for yuu and put all of the perfect pieces you need on hold.

fit session (minimum 1.5 hrs)

Together, you and I will hit the shops and try on the pieces that I scouted for you. We will make sure the fit and style work with your current wardrobe, and create new outfits that you will love. Each Fit Session comes with photos to further assist you in building your style portfolio.

*Must be combined with a Scout Session


capsule wardrobe creation (Minimum 2 Hrs)

Have you always wanted a quick and easy wardrobe that makes getting dressed easier and helped you to show off your most authentic self? I will use my step by step Capsule Wardrobe creation process to get you started and on your way to the closet of your dreams. We will take inventory of your closet, decide on your style direction, create a core set of outfits that work best for you and curate your way to the perfect tailor made closet. 

Wardrobe Touch Up (Minimum 1 hr)

Staring at your clothes feeling like you have nothing to wear? Lets explore your closet and revamp it for your changing lifestyle! If your lifestyle or fashion sense have changed, we'll partner together to purge items that are no longer working for you and create outfits that fit the new you. 

*Also recommended to revamp your Capsule Wardrobe with the changing seasons.

Special Occassion Dressing (Minimum 1.5 Hrs)

Let me help you get ready for the special occasion in your life, no matter what it is. We will explore your current wardrobe, scout companion pieces, and create the perfect look for you event. Take the stress out of the occasion.

Pricing varies and can change according to the occasions requirements and scheduling.


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