Why We Eloped

I could write this entire post in one sentence ("I hate wedding planning") but that feels like such a cop-out. I've gotten a few messages asking about our elopement and why we did it. The best answer is 'It was the best option for us'.

We started out planning a small wedding with maybe 30 or so of our dearest friends and family. We weren't aiming for anything extravagant. Then, midway through the wedding planning, we were over it. Over. It! It seemed like no matter how small and modest we planned, once we started talking to vendors, things would get complicated again. I'd heard from a lot of people that once you mention the word "wedding" the price of everything would triple, but it was out of control!

After talking it over, we realized that the only thing we really wanted was an intimate ceremony, with just the two of us. We discussed it at length and decided that if it meant we would have to run away together and do it all alone, we would. Once the idea was in our heads, we couldn't shake it. We talked it over with our mothers and siblings and they were all into it. As long as we were happy, they were happy. So, we ran away to Turks and Caicos!

Honestly, having a private week-long wedding/honeymoon was exactly what we'd dreamed of. We got to spend a few days together before our wedding...being alone and in love. It was glorious! There wasn't any pre-wedding anxiety or hectic energy. It was like taking a relaxing vacation. And the wedding day? We got to spend the morning together; listening to our wedding playlist, having cocktails and relaxing. I love that we didn't have to run here or there or check on any last minute details. It was as easy and breezy as the tropical winds blowing over the beach. The only stressful part, for me, was when I was getting dressed and had to kick Mark out of the hotel room (I had to stick to tradition then. He couldn't see me before the ceremony)! The days after were a beautiful blur. Unquestionably, the kind of honeymoon I want to remember!

Now that we're home, I wouldn't have wanted our wedding to go any other way. It was a fantastic daydream come true and a beautiful story to tell. We've slowly told people, here and there, and everyone has been so cool about it. I recommend it to everyone wedding planning. If you get the chance, run!


Our photos were done by Brilliant Turks. If you’re ever at Turks and need an amazing photographer, I highly recommend them. Th experience was as beautiful as the photos.

Karra Wade is a lifestyle blogger, boutique owner and content creator living in Texas with her husband and two dogs.

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