Three Ingredient Charcoal Face Mask

Three Ingredient Charcoal Face Mask

I posted this mask on my Instagram stories yesterday and got a lot of requests to share the DIY, so here you go! This is a quick and easy recipe with a post to match. I love it because I can make up enough for one or two applications even when I'm pressed for time. It's simple, super effective and one of my favorite ways to treat my skin when it's misbehaving.


1 teaspoon activated charcoal
1 teaspoon kaolin clay
1 teaspoon acv

Mix together and apply to your clean, damp face. Avoid your undereye area (that skin is too sensitive for ACV). Leave the mask on until it dries and then rinse off with warm water. Follow up with your favorite heavy duty moisturizer.


That's it! I usually add it to my nightly routine when I've been treating my skin less than perfect, or when we've just gotten back from a long vacation. It seems like no matter how well I stick to my usual skincare routine, what I eat or how I travel, my skin likes to freak out while I'm not home. I think it just likes to be babied when I get back. This mask is the perfect way to give it that extra little TLC.


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