New Home Goods

Have you noticed the new products in the shop? I've been working to expand the Feather + Arrow product range and this is just the beginning! I've posted a few pieces on Instagram but I didn't really introduce them. So here we go!

I created a lot of new pieces and objects for my first market a few months ago. I wanted to be able to fill my table with a lot of new things for that day. I ended up creating about six handpainted candles. They'd fit in with the 'theme' of my jewelry, really fill in the table and be something special for my first event. I was already looking for something to add to the shop and they seemed like the perfect thing.

I've been making candles like this for a few years so it was kind of a no-brainer to churn out a few more. They started out as personal decoration and I've given away a few as gifts. Someone always asks where I got them from or if I'm selling them so I decided to add them to the shop. Plus, it's really relaxing to just sit down for an hour or two and paint one.

I've also painted these dishes after making much smaller ones to hold candles and trinkets around the house. My intention was to use larger versions to display the bracelets and earrings in my booth. Well, the requests to buy them were so high that I knew they'd be a great in the shop, too. So, I sat down, painted up a few and they'll be available in the shop later this month right next to the candles!



Karra Wade is a lifestyle blogger, boutique owner and content creator living in Texas with her husband and two dogs.

In 2015, she started Feather + Arrow to promote her work and share bits of personal life. It has slowly grown into a place where she can not only share musings about her day but also discuss fashion tips, lifestyle inspiration and peeks into her shop.