Five Things: Crystal Nails Are So On Trend

Crystal nails are so on trend, Solange's advice for her younger self works for you, too, and we should all be sleeping more.


1. Solange's letter to her younger self in this month's Teen Vogue is a must read no matter what age you are. Go, read and enjoy. Teen Vogue is really hitting all the right notes lately.

2. Crystal nails??? YES! Quartz and rose quartz are my favorite things so yes, these nails just blew my socks off. My next manicure might just have to be these.

3. Go sleep more. There's a scientific study that proves we all need more beauty sleep. So go to sleep! I'm this close to going to take a nap...

4. Since we're spending more time in bed (go get your beauty sleep, babe!), here's how to keep yourself from feeling horrible after. We don't need that.

5. I'm always on the look out for new art projects to check and this Pantone portrait series is on my list now. I think it's coming to my town soon to...