Exploring A Minimalist Lifestyle

Exploring A Minimalist Lifestyle

Doing more with Less

I've always been interested in a minimal lifestyle, but I never really felt like the life was totally for me. I couldn't be happy with one tee, one pair of jeans, one hair product...that sounds like torture. And the fact that most people promoting a minimal lifestyle encourage not just owning one of everything but also owning an expensive version, just doesn't vibe with me. I love well made things but honestly...a lot of it's a little out of hand. The thought of getting rid of everything we already own seemed daunting and drastic.

But I've been feeling like I have too much 'stuff' in my life lately and really want to pare down. Which brought me online to do a little research. I realized that, like everything, there are levels to this. We don't have to go straight up bare bones and that starting with little ways to cut back on what we have would be the best approach for us. I found the Brown Kids and Black Minimalists on Instagram and it took off from there. The desire to live a simpler life without living a bare one really applied to me. I just want to clear some clutter and make things pretty. Is that too much to ask? 

So, I sat down with my boyfriend and it took us a little while to decide if minimalism is really right for us. We're both big fans of having a clean home but the first thing that popped into mind when I said "minimalism"to him is spare, white rooms with one or two items and not much else. He didn't want to live that way so we set a few small ground rules to start with and we will see where it goes from there. I know that we're not the type of people to go for that all white "all my possessions fit in a backpack" life, but our rules would help us to bring what we do own into a more streamlined sense of being. I promise it's not as kooky as it sounds. 

Our personal ground rules are:

1. I will revamp my wardrobe into a smaller capsule. Right now I have an insane amount of duplicate pieces. Yes, I bought some of them on purpose (like buying jeans that I love in matching pairs), but there are things that I've purchased that I just don't need two of. I'll be documenting things as I walk through this step so you can see my capsule wardrobe process in person! Mark isn't revamping his wardrobe because he owns a lot less than I do, clothing wise. A LOT less. He'll focus more on rule 3 when it comes to his closet.

2. We will cut back on the waste coming into our house by buying products that come with less packaging. So we get to hit up the local farmers markets to purchase fresh produce in bulk and store them in glass jars vs buying one or two things every few days that are all wrapped up in plastic. This will also help us save money. Naked produce is cheaper and storing it makes it last longer so we aren't buying more veg halfway through the week.

3. We're only shopping to replace things that are worn out, or to build on very specific things that we don't already have. So...no more 'just for fun' shopping that I tend to do when I have too much time on my hands. This is a given. There's already too much stuff in my house, I can't deal with more coming in! I've made myself a very strict list of things that I need to have in relation to ground rule 1, and I'm counting on making them the only things entering my life for the next three months. Mark will be applying the same ideas to his closet so we should come out pretty even on this.

3. We will organize our home to efficiently use our space. Organizing our things where we can see them, will make it easier to know what we do have so that we are not engaging in shopping trips where we buy more (or buy duplicates). 

4. We'll throw things out! This works in hand with redoing my wardrobe, and organizing our home. It's also pretty self explanatory. Time to take out the trash!