Capsule Wardrobe: Finding Inspiration

Capsule Wardrobe: Finding Inspiration

inspiration is everywhere  


I started working on my own capsule wardrobe last month. I just finished the 'taking inventory' step of my Capsule Wardrobe Guide. It shouldn't take so long, but I have a LOT of clothes.

Now that I'm all done, I can finally start working on one of my favorite parts: finding inspiration! I got online and started searching. Taking advantage of Pinterest helped to organize my inspo and keep my theme cohesive. I wanted to solidify my Summer style and figure out how I wanted to remix my favorite current outfits. Remember: I can't but anything new (minimalist life and all that). I had a somewhat set look that I wanted to go for when I started but the more I work, the more I was able to really refine it. I've decided to share the looks that inspired me to give you an idea of how I do it. If you want, you can follow along with me by creating your own Pinterest style board. It's super easy, and lot of fun!

I'm in love with lighter colors this time of year. Lots of faded blues and pinks. It's still super hot in Texas, and lighter colors definitely feel cooler than the darker ones I usually wear. I gravitated towards these hues while putting together my inspiration. I want to be cute, but I also don't want to pass out trying to be cute in this heat! I created my board and pinned images that invoked a feeling versus pinning images of things I want. This way, I'm not only building outfits, but creating a mood which makes it easier to mix and remix within my theme.

My next step is narrowing down my current clothing so that it fits my planned capsule wardrobe, and my needs. The hardest part will be putting away what I won't be wearing and getting rid of what I no longer want.

You can follow my Summer Wardrobe Inspo board on Pinterest, and see links to all these beautiful images. Stay tuned for more of my capsule wardrobe.


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