First Impressions: Deciem Foundation

It's no secret that I'm in love with Deciem's The Ordinary line. I've converted the majority of my skincare over that brand. I've definitely seen an improvement in my skin's texture, tone and feel. So, when I got an email announcing their upcoming foundations, I got on the waiting list immediately.

Then waited two weeks.

Then three weeks.

And then two months later, I got an email that I was one of 50,000 people in line for their formulations. I couldn't believe that was the actual waitlist. I almost cried. All I wanted was the serum foundation and it seemed like it was going to take forever. I put my name on this list for the colors I wanted and resigned myself to not getting them.

I lie. I don't resign myself to not getting what I want. Ha! I bookmarked the landing page for the serum foundations and refreshed it over and over and over. Instead of playing games on my phone to waste time, I'd refresh the website. It took a while but...omg...finally, they were available! I ordered the 3.0Y and 3.1Y serum foundations, plus the Peeling Solution, and reups for my primers. I'm always iffy about foundations having the correct colors for my skin, or that they'll be ashy on my skin. It's much easier to buy one color darker and one lighter, in my case. I submitted my order, then crossed my fingers and hoped the suggested ten day wait time was a suggestion. It wasn't. I ended up waiting fifteen days, but honestly, it's worth it!


I love the way the foundation feels with and without the primers. I'm not a fan of a heavy coverage foundation so it's the perfect weight for me. It looks like I'm wearing a lightweight veil of foundation. It's enough to make my skin appear clear and even without erasing the things I love about it, like my freckles. 


Here's how I've applied it:

I put a pump of each color on the back of my hand and mix them together. Like I said before, my skin is in-between shades right now. I'm normally NC44 at Mac but it's Summer. I dip my flat top Morphe brush (similar Morphe brush) into the foundation and stipple it onto my skin. I buff the edges of the foundation out with the same brush. Then, I take a damp Beauty Blender and tap until it's smooth and clear. Because my skin is oily, I finish up with a light layer of my RCMA No-Color Powder. A quick spritz of Heritage Rose Water toner gets rid of that "powdered" look and gives me a dewy finish. It doesn't take any longer than my usual routine with any other foundation.


Now, I've had the Deciem Serum foundations for about a week, and it has been my 'go to'. I'm still very impressed by the coverage. It looks so natural that my boyfriend couldn't tell I was wearing anything. He just thinks my skin looks amazing. The colors stay true throughout the day. They don't become ashy, turn orange or give any weird camera flashback. Plus, it never feels like I'm wearing a face full of foundation. It feels like I'm only wearing a lotion and that's hard to do with makeup in this thick Houston humidity. There's no creasing or oily patches all day. And when I remove my makeup, my skin still feels nourished underneath. It's honestly everything I could want in a lightweight foundation and well worth the wait! 


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