My Tiny Spring Wishlist

My (tiny) Spring Wishlist

This week, I went on a 'scouting trip' for a client. Since, I'm trying minimilasim, I'm not allowing myself to purchase anything that isn't a replacement. That doesn't stop me from creating a short wishlist, though. 


Embroidered Tops

I remember buying one in the early '00s and the salesgirl at 579 (yes, 579. Omg, remember that place??) laughing at me because she thought it was "not cute at all". I bought it anyway and loved it. I wore it almost every Summer for three years until the damn thing just fell apart. Now, whenever I see one in a magazine or online I chuckle to myself. I was ahead of the curve and all I was doing was buying what I love. Take that salty saleschick. I really love these new tops from Madewell because they have they same old school embroidered look as my old fave, but with a more modern, less hippie shape.


High Waist Denim

I'm absolutely in love with high waist everything right now and am slowly replacing my everyday jeans with higher waists. I found the AE Vintage Hi-Rise Jeans and at first I was totally on the fence about them. I haven't worn jeans from American Eagle in years. I know everyone likes their jeans because they are stretchy and comfy but stretchy jeans are not a part of the high waist, old school feel that I'm trying to infuse into my wardrobe. But these...these Vintage Hi-Rise babes...they're surprisingly exactly what I was looking for. Mostly cotton with a ten inch rise and perfect for just running arounds. I think I'm in love!


Crisp White Sheets

I don't know when it got stuck in my head, but for now I'm blaming Tanie over at Unicorn Parade for reminding me of how much I absolutely love white bedding. I spent the weekend stripping the dark, heavy sheets that we've used all winter off of the bed and replacing them with crisp, airy, stark white sheets. It has changed to entire feel of our bedroom and I love it. Anthropologie has the most beautiful set that I'm absolutely drooling over...but my wallet would kill itself so we went with ones from Urban.


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