Five Things: Make Everyday Earth Day

Five Things: Make Everyday Earth Day

Five Things:

That You can do to make every day Earth Day.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and I know the thought of saving the entire world is overwhelming, especially in this day and age, But you can still do small things, daily, to make a difference. here are just a few of my tips and tricks:


1. Use a reusable water bottle. I prefer a glass bottle because it's easier to clean and you can see when it isn't. Mine came from Ikea and was only $2. It's thick enough that I haven't cracked it, but it's still lightweight enough to carry around every day. FYI: if you're a coffeeshop addict, get a reusable coffee cup, too (or ask for a mug when you're there)! Starbucks will even give you a discount!

2. Turn out the lights. No, really. Turn the damn lights off when you walk out of a room. If you can't remember, invest in a timer that will shut them off when you're not home. Pro tip: plug your other electronic devices into surge protectors and turn those bad boys off when you leave, too. You'd be surprised how much energy your laptop and tv consume even when they're off. Turn off everything. It takes a few more minutes but once you make them all part of your routine, it's quick and easy.

3. Carpool! Living in the heart of Houston, I know it's not always easy to get from place to place with friends in tow. Sometimes, it's not even easy to get to their houses with the traffic! But if you're planning on meeting at a bar or shop, why not make someone's house the designated meeting spot? Pick someone that either lives centralized everyone, or the closest to the venue. Then, you can pile into fewer cars before heading to your destination. You can even have a few snacks before you get on the road.

4. Get your hands dirty and make your space a little more green! It's no secret, I'm majorly into my plants. Head to the store and pick up a few green friends for yourself. My mom plants fruit and veg in her patio container garden and it's my biggest inspiration. It helps reduce the environmental strain of traveling to the market to pick up produce. And it's beautiful. Plus, having a little greenery in your home helps reduce the air pollution.

5. Get out there and enjoy nature! Spread out a picnic blanket, get barefoot and enjoy your local park. Pack a (reusable) bag with snacks, your water bottle, a book and enjoy the clean air and warmer weather.