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What's in My Bag: On An Airplane

TravelKarra W.Comment
What's in My Bag: On An Airplane

What I Pack In My 'Personal Bag' For Every Flight

I'm so excited to be heading to California for the next week! Today is the boyfriend's birthday and we're headed back to see his family. I'm always worried about is being bored during the flight or not having something I really need. Airlines have such strict guidelines for 'personal bag' size and it drives me batty. Is it just me, or is it really small? I try to stuff as much as I can in my bag. Everything in my bag has to keep me entertained (even on such a short trip).

1. Beauty must haves that won't freak out the people across the aisles. I rely on my Deciem Ordinary serums and moisturizer to get the job done. My skin is super greasy/combo but I still get really dry mid flight.

I tap my caffeine serum around my eyes, rub in my moisturizer and (if it's an early flight), I pop on a gold eye mask. Then I nap like a boss. 

2. My journal. I bought this one at Urban Outfitters after falling in love with the leather. I use it to keep a running list of things to see and do during my trip and write what I'm doing current because duh, it's a journal. I also jam a roll of double stick tape in my bag for whatever ticket stubs or fun things I pick up on our vacation. 

3. My favorite scarf because you just never know when you'll need something to cuddle up with. It's small enough to collapse in my bag and large enough to use as a blanket if I get cold. And I'm always cold. 

4. A cute little zip up. I picked this adorable one up at Madewell and I take it everywhere. It wrangles all of the smaller items in my carry on, like my earphones, iPhone, candy, wallet and whatever else I can stick in there plus functions as my actual purse once I land.   

5. A tiny external battery. It powers my iPhone and iPad on one full charge making it invaluable on the plane (I will kill my phone on a plane) and while we're trekking around later. I take a lot of pictures so the more battery power I have the better.  

 6. And I carry everything in my giant Lucky Brand tote (similar one here). I've had this bag for a few months and take it everywhere. It's big enough to carry more than enough. Plus, the leather gets beat up nicely so it's going to look good for a while. 

(not pictured: my iPhone, my MacBook, the two random sheet masks I stuffed in my bag last minute and the bag of ginger candies that help my ears pop).  

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