Five Things: What Is "Millennial Pink" Anyway?

Five Things: What Is "Millennial Pink" Anyway?


1. This ITG Top Shelfie with ceramicist, Kenesha Sneed. It's an oldie but a goodie and her skin is flawless! Follow her on Instagram for lots of color and a look at her beautiful life. Her skin isn't the only thing that's flawless. 

2. Speaking of ceramicists, go follow @tortus_copenhagen on Instagram. His videos are absolutely mesmerizing and I'm very tempted to take pottery classes now. 

3. A interesting nod to that suddenly popular not quite nude but not quite pink almost kinda orangish color aka 'millennial pink' by The Cut. You know which color. It's kind of everywhere right now. I didn't realize it was so ubiquitous until reading this but I don't mind. I already own four shirts and six nail polishes in varying degrees of this shade. It's feminine without messing with my tomboyish sensibilities. I dig it. 

4. The Little Prince on Netflix. I'm glad that I didn't read any reviews for this movie before watching it. They are much rougher than they should be. No, the story doesn't closely follow the book, Le Petit Prince, and no it isn't a sweeping Disney style epic but the visuals are beautiful and it's a lot of fun to guess which celeb voice is which. Go watch with an open mind and you won't be disappointed.

 5. Take a long listen to Leon Bridges' album Coming Home and you'll fall in love. His old school sound makes me want chill barefoot in a porch swing drinking a tall glass of spiked sweet tea on a Summer night. He feels so Southern. You're probably already familiar with his hit, Smooth Sailing. It's kinda everywhere right now and for good reason. 


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