Five Things: New Music from Florence & The Machine

Five Things: New Music from Florence & The Machine


NEW MUSIC FROM FLORENCE & THE MACHINE, Where the Dogs are and A David Bowie Cover Tour

1. My new favorite Facebook group: Dogspotting. It's nothing but pictures of cute dogs, dogs and more dogs. No people. No chatter just cute puppies. 

2. This video from De La Sol and Little Dragon. It's so calming and a perfect blend of voices. I've been playing it on repeat. 

3. There are three new songs from Florence + The Machine! There are no words for how much I love her or how excited I am about this! I can't wait to hear a new album from her. 

4.  The fabulous Tanie of Unicorn Parade made this amazing quartz crystal crown for her daughter, Gwen. Isn't it adorable?? I want one of my own! Or two or six. 

5. The Life Aquatic has one of my favorite dreamy, soft soundtracks thanks to Seu Jorge and he's announcing a David Bowie cover tour. It will be beautiful and perfect for long Saturdays relaxing and cuddling in bed. You can listen to the soundtrack here