Art & Exploration in Houston

Art & Exploration in Houston

Mark and I enjoy spending our lazy days wandering around empty or semi-empty museums, so when we found out last Thursday was Houston's annual free museum day we planned a day trip. 


We started out at the Contemporary Art Museum. It's a longtime fave for me and one that Mark hadn't had the chance to explore, which made it an obvious stop for us. There was a bit of construction working happening in a few of the galleries but we got to see the exhibit that I was looking forward to the most, Flow. 

'Flow" by Jae Ko was absolutely one of my favorite exhibits of the day! It was beautiful and soothing. I could've sat near it all day.

It was a quick walk from there to the Museum of Fine Arts. I knew from past experience that free day drew in everyone so I expected a lot of foot traffic. The museums and sidewalks were crowded but it wasn't unbearable. It wasn't even half as bad as I though it would be.


Between the amazing views and inspiring paintings, The Museum of Fine Arts is made for selfies. 

On the way back to our car we stopped by a cart selling the prettiest popsicles and grabbed a few treats to cool down while we walked around the Cullen Sculpture Garden.

 It turns out the cart was Pop Deco Houston, makers of local artisan pops and the treats were amazing! I had the Summerwind and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that it is highly recommended. 


Of course, we had to end the trip by leaving our Museum of Fine Art visitors stickers on a stop light pole. It's a Houston tradition that's slowly turning into a public art exhibit of it's own. Each layer of stickers are a different color representing a different week or two worth of museum visits. It isn't the most eco way to dispose of a sticker but it is beautiful.

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