Five Things: Deciem is anything but Ordinary

Five Things: Deciem is anything but Ordinary

Deciem is anything but Ordinary, ten travel Instagram feeds to follow and what's up with the Girl With All The Gifts?

1. Deciem's The Ordinary serums! I'm so in love with these! I'm super lazy when it comes to skincare but I like having the biggest impact on my skin. That's where these guys come in. Everything is easy and quick to use and leave my skin clean and happy. Happy skin equals happy me. I've even convinced my boyfriend to start his own collection. 

2.  Curling up with my iPad, shutting off it's wifi connection and reading. I'm currently buried deep in the middle of The Girl With All The Gifts in preparation for the movie. I love zombie anything and this has just enough of a twist to keep me interested. I'm hoping I finish it before the movie is in theaters.

3. And once I starting using the wifi again, I had to read this article from the Coveteur staff asap. A guideline for minimizing your digital life? Yes, Please! It's no exaggeration that I have 200+ apps on my phone and more social media accounts than I can keep up with. I needed this. 

4. That doesn't mean I'm giving up Instagram, though. It's perfectly fine and totally relaxing to lose myself in these ten travel accounts recommended over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. And by "lose myself" I mean hitting up travel websites and pricing tickets because why not? 

5. Falling in love with one of my favorite celebrity couples all over again helps me relax, too, so I read all about how Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart became friends. I highly recommend heading to youtube and watching clips of them together afterwards, especially clips from her old show. They're fun.