Five Things: Lizzo Can't Find Her Phone

Five Things: Lizzo Can't Find Her Phone

Lizzo can't find her phone, Solange has a new photobook and you should really know about Ann Cole Lowe

1. Ann Cole Lowe is African American fashion pioneer and she's being highlighted (finally) in the National Museum of African American History. 

2. If people had real life catchphrases, mine would be "Where's my phone?? And have you seen my keys?" Lizzo's Phone was obviously made for me. Plus that beat? Yes, please!

3. Quartz has me seriously rethinking my to do lists. The weekend is a perfect time to throw them out and start over. 

4. Solange's photobook for A Seat At The Table. No matter what you think of the album it's hard to not be enamored with the photobook. 

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes via Crepes of Wrath.

You're welcome. 



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